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Bespoke & Timeless Wedding Films

A friendly and professional service

that captures all of your wedding day priceless moments,

that you otherwise would have missed.


About me

As a wedding videographer based in Kent with over ten years of experience, I capture weddings naturally with minimal interference. By combining my passion for storytelling with a background in television production, I use cinematic techniques to create incredibly personal films to inform and entertain any audience.


From the excited expectations of the morning through to the evening’s celebrations, your wedding day becomes a rollercoaster of emotions, and I film everything in a way that honours it all. I always aim to tell a complete 

rich story that shows the emotional journey a couple takes throughout their unforgettable day together. 


Each wedding video becomes a visual time capsule of a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, where everyone comes together to celebrate your love for each other. Your wedding video also uniquely allows you to revisit young ones before they’re grown and older generations who won’t always be with us.


If you would like to have your big day filmed in a professional and friendly manner or have any questions about having your wedding filmed, please get in touch and book your free consultation.


Our Service

Smooch Media Wedding Films provides a completely digital service. This ensures that all wedding media content delivered to clients is future-proof and accessible, regardless of changes to physical playback technologies.


All Smooch Media Wedding Films content is uploaded to the cloud and streamed to any client PC, Smart TV, or mobile device. The viewing platform also allows for content to be shared with any guests in attendance or anyone else who couldn't attend.


Smooch Media Wedding Films prides itself on making clients and guests relaxed and feel far more comfortable being filmed. This allows me to gain trust and get closer to the shared moments and emotions of the day.


Guest messages are included within some Smooch Media Wedding Films packages. These allow clients an invaluable opportunity to capture priceless messages from family and friends. I look at them as timeless video messages that show younger ones before they're grown and older ones who won't always be with us, sharing words of hope and love for the couple. Messages that clients can keep forever.


Clients looking to hire someone to film their wedding day should always consider what exactly this means. You will be sharing your most special day with a relative stranger, trusting that they will make you and your guests feel comfortable, understand when to direct or be discreet while all along recording your priceless wedding moments in the best way possible. Smooch Media Wedding Films understands this and balances being professional with being personable and approachable. 



The following are just some example highlight videos filmed before I rebranded from Ever Excellent Wedding Films to Smooch Media Wedding Films.

Highlight videos are included in all of the packages and provide couples with wonderful showreels of all the most magical moments from the day.






The Silver package offers inclusive coverage throughout the day, from the bride's arrival to the 1st dance. Clients are provided with a full video and a short highlight reel. Wedding video content is delivered via file transfer and is also available to stream, download, and share.

For more information, please click below.




The Gold package adds to the Silver package by including pre-wedding coverage for bridal preparations, as well as priceless wedding messages from family and friends. Delivered via USB, file transfer and is also available to stream, download, and share.

For more information, please click below.




The Platinum package includes everything covered in the Gold package and adds even more detail by filming the evening's celebrations that carry on after the first dance, as evening guests arrive to join in the celebrations. Clients are provided with a longer full-length video and highlight reel. 


For more information, please click below.


Stevie & Sandip 

Brendan was an absolute joy! He had our best interests at heart and created a fun atmosphere, We are so happy with the final result and are so glad that we chose Brendan to film our special day. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Chelsea & James

Booking you to film our wedding was the best money we spent! The emotions and happiness felt watching it back left me speechless. Thank you so much for your attention to detail! Thank you again x

Sally & Sam

Originally, we decided we wouldn't bother getting a wedding film, but we changed our minds closer to the date. We are so glad that we did. Brendan was fantastic, and as for the wedding film? We Love it!



Smooch Media Wedding Films provides coverage

across Kent, Essex, and all across the South East.

Consultations are free, so please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you'd like to make a booking

10a High Street, Chislehurst, Kent. BR7. 

United Kingdom

e: info@smoochmedia.co.uk

t: 07980863461

10a High Street, Chislehurst, Kent. BR7. United Kingdom.

e: info@smoochmedia.co.uk

t: 07980863461

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