Here are testimonials from satisfied clients. I pride myself on giving the best wedding filming service, results, and an overall experience that my clients will cherish. I'm very honoured to film every wedding and so grateful for these lovely comments.

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Stevie & Sandip

Booking Brendan to capture our wedding was without a doubt the best decision we made. It truly felt like we have known you forever - a friend capturing the special moments we experienced and, most importantly, the ones we would have missed. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and the results are better than we ever imagined. Thank you for your attention to detail and effort in giving us the perfect wedding video. We will both treasure the videos forever, and we are so glad we get to ‘relive’ the love, happiness and pure laughter again and again.

Jo & Matt

We can't get over how amazing Brendan was from start to finish. We knew he was the one for us from the moment we met him! A genuine, funny and talented guy who worked so well with other suppliers and our guests. The end results are entirely beyond our expectations. Brendan captured the fun and humour of our day, which was so important to us. Every time we watch the video, we can't help but smile.

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Upexa & Amad

I am so happy that we chose Brendan from Smooch Media as my wedding videographer. He was so friendly and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Brendan captured all the wedding highlights, which we will treasure forever. There was a fast turnaround, and the video quality is excellent. Brendan went above and beyond, and we cannot praise him enough! We would highly recommend Smooch Media Wedding Films.

Kirsty & Simon

Thank you so much for filming our special day. It has captured so many great memories, and we will be watching it over and over again. You were such a calming influence on what would otherwise be such a stressful day. All our guests have been so complimentary of how fun and easy-going you were. We will definitely recommend you!

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Florence & Thomas

Brendan was great! Full of positive energy throughout our special day. He went above and beyond to produce a better wedding video than anything we could have hoped for. He deserves every plaudit.

Chelsea & James

Booking Brendan to film our wedding was the best money we spent! We are so glad that we chose Brendan and are happy with the final result. He created a fun atmosphere that got even my most camera-shy relatives smiling and leaving messages. He was an absolute joy and always had our best interests at heart. We would highly recommend Brendan to anyone thinking of having their wedding filmed. Thank you again x

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Sarah & Rafal

We booked Brendan from Smooch Media Wedding Films and are so glad that we did. We could not have been happier with our experience. Brendan was so easygoing and knew precisely what to do, and he immediately won over ALL nine Bridesmaids and Paige boy. He smiled all day and even managed to get some great footage of the kids. Watching the films back, we have all laughed and cried, in a good way, and we will cherish them for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much x

Sally & Sam

Originally, we hadn't planned on having a wedding film, but we changed our minds when a friend recommended Brendan to us. Brendan was fantastic and felt like an old friend. He was so comfortable filming guests he'd never met before. We love the wedding film he made for us!

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Claire & Terry

We’ve just watched our wedding film, and it was amazing! Absolutely obsessed with the highlights video & LOVE everything!! Thank you xx

Rhia & John

Brendan. What can I say? You captured moments of our big day that I didn't even know happened! I now get to sit back with my family and watch them over and over again. Initially, I was very hesitant about having a wedding video, but now I'm so pleased that we did. The film you made for us was above and beyond anything I ever expected. I highly recommend Brendan and Smooch Media Wedding films. If you pick Brendan to film your wedding, you won't be disappointed.

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